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What are Wrinkle Relaxers?

Wrinkle Relaxers have been used for years to treat and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and facial creases. The toxin decreases muscle contraction, relaxing deep lines and slowly softening them.

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What to avoid after Wrinkle Relaxers?

What to avoid after Wrinkle Relaxers? Wrinkle Relaxers take about 4-6 hours to bind the nerve. It is important that 4-6 hours following injections one avoids the following: Avoid rubbing, touching the area, strenuous activity, sun and keep area clean from sweat. Injector will provide you with additional information

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Myths about Wrinkle Relaxers:

  • Wrinkle Relaxers freeze facial expressions
  • One needs to have wrinkles to start treating
  • Stopping therapy will worsen appearance of wrinkles
  • Neurotoxin is dangerous
  • One can become addicted to wrinkle relaxers

Facts about Wrinkle Relaxers:

  • Do not paralyze the face or freeze expression
  • Used to prevent wrinkles, micro-btox can be safely used mid 20s
  • Stopping therapy will not worsen appearance of wrinkles
  • There are minimal adverse reactions when safely used.
  • You cannot become physically addicted to wrinkle relaxers, you can become psychologically addicted, since it gives a rejuvenated look.
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